Jazz Delivery: Come Rain or Come Shine!
Victor Radzievskiy Jazz Agency (VR Jazz Agency) is a specialized international concert agency focused solely on jazz music and artists. We organize tours, concerts, international festivals and music contests, as well as top-level private events.

   We strongly believe that our mission is that of a secure bridge connecting jazz lovers with the truly amazing world of live concert musicians — people who have devoted their lives to studying this special and subtle language of expression we call jazz! Open to cooperation with top Russian and foreign performers, we are not favoring any particular style of jazz — mainstream, experimental or other — for art is a subjective thing, and its value and power to influence people's lives are is not to be measured or calculated. There is only one thing we are sure of: we work with the best of them!


    In this we are supported by our regular partners and clients, including the biggest and most respectable concert venues, philharmonic halls and theaters of Moscow, St. Petersburg, cities of the North and South, the Urals, Siberia, and the Far East, as well as jazz clubs across Russia. Our international department represents the interests of our resident artists and organizes their concerts in countries near and far abroad.


    Corporate client service is a whole separate line of our work. Many of our clients are top-tier businesses from different industries. What unites them is their taste for professional music and well-managed entertainment events.  Strategically, VR Jazz Agency looks for long-term cooperation and convergence of interests — we are not out for trivialities or simple solutions. Offering a choice of stage-ready show programs, we give custom look and feel to every order, seeking to create high-impact and often unique art events centered around our musicians — world-class jazz stars and recognized grand masters of the genre!

About 2 years years:

world cities
large tours in 5 countries
international festivals. organizer and co-organizer
Victor Radzievskiy
Well known Russian jazz producer, music journalist and popularizer of jazz.

In 2012–2017, Deputy Director of 1jazz.ru radio, then the largest (in terms of subscribers) jazz news hub in the CIS.

In 2013–2017, directed 1jazz.ru International Jazz Festival — one of the biggest club-stage events in Russia, held 8 times at Alexey Kozlov and Igor Butman clubs in Moscow. Later, in cooperation with Igor Butman Club, appeared as co-organizer and host of “Young Voices in Jazz” contest for young performers. 
From 2013, Director of 1jazz.ru concert agency. In late 2016, the venture was transformed into Victor Radzievskiy Jazz Agency (VR Jazz Agency). In April 2017, the agency was officially featured on Russian Jazz World booth at Jazz Ahead — a prestigious international jazz forum held in Bremen (Germany)!
In 2013, Victor Radzievskiy emerged as an active educator. Still in his 20s, he enjoys respect of the jazz community and has earned himself a name in Russia and abroad both as a producer and expert on history and culture of jazz. In 2013–2016, a teacher of the history of XX century music at C-Jam Club jazz school in Moscow. At the end of 2016, in cooperation with Andrey Makarevich's Jam Club, Victor launched a prime-time series of lectures-concerts he called ETHICS OF JAZZ". The series came in 13 video installments, which got over 30,000 views on YouTube.
Victor is a frequent guest on radio and TV. His articles as a journalist and music critic were featured by many popular Russian and foreign media, including Rolling Stone, Jazz Italia, Radio Orpheus, Izvestiya, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Kompaniya, Zvuki.ru, JazzMap, JazzPeople, Jazz-quadrat, etc. Victor has interviewed some of the world's greatest jazz stars, including Arturo Sandoval, Christian McBride, Chris Potter, Jon Davis, and Saskia Laroo.

In addition to lectures on history of music styles, Victor offers workshops on tour management and artist management and appears as host/entertainer at various jazz gigs and festivals.