Jazz Delivery: Come Rain or Come Shine!
Victor Radzievskiy Jazz Agency (VR Jazz Agency) is a specialized international concert agency focused solely on jazz music and artists. We organize tours, concerts, international festivals and music contests, as well as top-level private events.


Education, popularization of jazz music and similar genres of music Support of the unique jazz artists Encouraging space for interaction between business and art Promoting the interests of our agency in Russia and beyond In greater details


The representatives of large and middle business which give preference to exquisite musical accompaniment, event-businesses and more than 200 philharmonic halls theatres and club stages in Russia, Asia and Europe and also leading international jazz festivals.


Live music for private and corporate events; we reperesent not only musicians but suggest conceptual thematic shows; organization of concerts and festivals on theater, philharmonic or club stage; road tours for world jazz stars in Russia and abroad.


Constantly touring foreign and Russian musicians, stars of jazz music and young promising artists, representatives of very different styles of that music: mainstream, fusion, contemporary. We don't work with cover-bands and give preference only to unique programs.


VR Jazz Fest (Autumn, Winter, Spring) is one of Moscow's most successful festivals in the recent years. It keeps bringing together hundreds of musicians and thousands of jazz fans from all over the world. Each event of the series has a unique background concept behind it, designed by Victor Radzievskiy.


VR Jazz Records is a recording label operated by the Agency since 2017. Its purpose is to promote the creative work of our resident musicians. Styles range from traditional to contemporary jazz, funk, fusion and etc. It releases music both digitally and on physical media: LP, CD, and memory card.

About 4 years years:

world cities
large tours in 12 countries
international festivals. organizer and co-organizer
Victor Radzievskiy
Well known Russian jazz producer, music journalist and popularizer of jazz.

In 2013 through 2017, one of the leaders of Radio 1jazz.ru — a web portal and online radio with over 190.000 subscribers.

In 2013 through 2017, director of the concert agency 1jazz.ru and Radio 1jazz.ru International Festival — one of the biggest club-stage jazz festivals in Russia, eight iterations of which were held at Alexey Kozlov Club in Moscow. During its time, the festival has brought on board over 70 bands, both Russian and foreign.

In 2016, the Victor Radzievskiy Jazz Agency (VR Jazz Agency) was founded. In April 2017, it was officially featured in the “Russian Jazz World” section at the prestigious international forum Jazz Ahead in Bremen (Germany), and at the Winter International Cultural Forum in Sochi (Russia) a year later! The company organizes tours, festivals and concerts in Russia and elsewhere. Its list of residents features over 50 names, including some of Europe's major jazz talents Accordi Disaccordi, Emanuele Cisi, Charles Turner, Kalil Wilson, Francesca Tandoi, Andrea Manzoni, as well as Russian jazz stars Natalya Skvortsova, Dmitry Mospan, Dmitry Noskov, Sergey Dolzhenkov, Petr Ivshin, Alexander Dovgopoly, Anton Gorbunov, Dmitry Ilgudin, Darya Zakharova, Felix Lahuti, and many more.

From 2018, in partnership with producer Anton Raktovich, Victor is the director and the mind behind the VR JAZZ FESTVAL (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer). The festival stands out from the capital city's many other events for its well-designed, refined concept, fluid choice of topics, original pick of repertoire, top-notch performances, and an easy, unbuttoned atmosphere. By early 2019, the festival was visited by over 2,000 listeners.

From 2013, Victor Radzievskiy stepped forth as an active educator. Still in his 20s, he has earned respect of the jazz public and built quite a name for himself in Russia and abroad not just as a producer, but also an active popularizer of jazz and jazz culture expert. In August 2017, Victor was invited for a series of lectures on the history of Russian jazz at Guiseppe Verdi Conservatory of Torino (Italy) before an English and Italian-speaking audience.

In 20132016, a teacher of history of the 20th century music at C-Jam Club jazz school in Moscow. From 2018 to date, a teacher of history of musical styles at S. Kazarnovsky's Class-Center.

In 2017, in cooperation with Andrey Makarevich's Jam Club, Victor launched a prime-time series of lecture-concerts he called “Ethics of Jazz”. The 19 VIDEOS of the series have received favorable reviews on YouTube and rank among the most-viewed content in the Russian segment of the internet. In October 2018, this lecture-concert format was first presented on the big philharmonic stage at Vologda Philharmonic Hall, receiving much acclaim. From mid-2018, Victor runs a VIDEO BLOG on his YouTube channel covering various topics in a mix of humor and musicology. His topical videos on jazz have received over 200.000 views to date.

Victor Radzievskiy is a frequent guest on radio and TV. His articles, as a journalist and music critic, were published by many popular Russian and foreign media, including Rolling Stone, Jazz Italia, Radio Orpheus, Silver Rain, Echo of Moscow, Izvestiya, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Business and Power, Moscow News, Kompaniya, Zvuki.ru, JazzMap, JazzPeople, Jazz-quadrat, etc. Victor has interviewed some of the world's GREATEST LIVING JAZZ STARS, including Arturo Sandoval, Christian McBride, Chris Potter, David Kikosky, Jon Davis, Saskia Laroo, Emanuele Cisi and more.

Victor teaches workshops on tour management and artist management and appears as entertainer at jazz gigs and festivals.