VR Jazz Records: Essential –°ollection

PerformersLive People Ensemble, LRK Trio, Dmitry Ilugdin, Alina Rostotskaya, Accordi Disaccordi, Joander Santos, Bjorn Vidar Solli, Joander Santos, Emanuele Cisi, Max Ionata, Amber Sept, Oleg Grymov, Anton Gorbunov, Goats Notes, Felix Lahuti, Oleg Grymov, Alexey Kruglov, Vladimir Nesterenko, The Goldberg Machine, Ivan Dyma, Cedric Hanriot, 

Release date: April 26, 2017
Genre: Jazz, Fusion. Contemporary, Avant-garde
Recording Company: VR Jazz Records


VR Jazz Agency: Essential Collection (Selected collection) is a limited edition of music by residents of the Viktor Radzievsky Jazz Agency in mp3 format, which was specially prepared for presentation at the international forum "Jazz Ahead" in Bremen (Germany) in April 2017. Stylistically, the collection has turned out to be very heterogeneous and contains recordings in both traditional jazz styles and modern ones. The collection has a limited edition of 2,000 copies and is not for sale.